Toddlers May Not Give A Totally Honest Answer When You Ask This Kind Of Question, Study Finds

Science has shown that when giving toddlers a choice, they display a response bias. Usually when given a choice, most toddlers will choose the second choice. This is what researchers call a recency bias. This has been confirmed in several scientific studies, where there was a significant difference in the second choice being chosen over the first. On the other hand, adults tend to choose the first choice. This is known as a primary bias. This information is extremely useful in toddlers when trying to get them to go to sleep, take a nap, or eat their vegetables!

Key Takeaways:

  • Young kids are not capable of making sound decisions but are susceptible to identifying the last presented choice
  • A study to test kids under 3 years by presenting two sets of questions discovered this scenario
  • Kids when asked to pick an option between two choices, picked the second one 85% of the time, irrespective of the word

“When presented with a choice between two options, toddlers verbally chose the second option presented to them 85.2 percent of the time, demonstrating what researchers call recency bias.”

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