To Wake or Not to Wake? Feeding Schedule for a Newborn

Many new parents are confused whether or not they should wake their baby up at night to feed, or simply feed them while they are asleep. Many experts believe that as long as the baby is eating regularly, and having regular bowel movements, parents should let their babies sleep at night. Typically, newborns should be fed eight times per day, and if using a bottle, should be about three ounces per feeding. To ensure that the baby sleeps at night, it’s important to keep them active during the day, and fully alert during those feedings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many new parents are confused whether or not to wake their babies during nighttime feedings.
  • Some experts believe that as long as a newborn is healthy, parents should not have to fully wake their baby at night to feed.
  • In order for newborns to grow normally, they should have approximately eight feedings in a twenty-four hour period.

“Watch the clock AND your baby. Babies have a 50-60 minute sleep cycle. This means that about once every hour, your baby is in a very light state of sleep. A baby in this state is much easier to rouse than a baby in deep sleep.”

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