The Reason Why My Husband and I Debate for 15 Minutes Before Emailing Our Kids’ Teachers

In some ways, we’re THOSE parents. We love discussing every detail of our kids’ school days after they go to bed. When we find out a class unit has just ended, we head to the library to pick up extra material. We sing songs about math in the car, we’ve had our kids writing their letters in everything from paint to salt trays, and we always volunteer for anything volunteery. (Don’t hate us, though—the house is rarely tidy and we’ve spent entire afternoons lately watching Ben 10.)

The one thing we hesitate over is contacting our kids’ teachers. We’re wishy-washy on what the line is between being proactive and involved and just plain annoying. Luckily, Shana Aborn of Romper has the scoop, and it’s pretty reassuring!

Key Takeaways
—Pay attention to communication from the school! Sign up for emails, “like” that Facebook page, sign up for Remind or whichever app their school prefers, and check their backpacks for papers every night.
—Save teacher conversations for appropriate times, like scheduled meetings. Waving them over at drop-off means the class’s whole morning could be delayed.
—Show you value the health of the rest of the school community and keep sick kids home.



Becky Patouhas, social media specialist, has been a babywearing educator since 2013. Her favorite part of her job is a tie between seeing all the cute baby pictures and helping parents get that “I can’t believe I can hold my baby AND eat!” moment. A first-generation American and mom of two small boys, she and her family live in Michigan, where she enjoys volunteering with her local babywearing group. Becky loves her Zypora meh dais (she has two!) because they’re so cushy on her shoulders. She always has a Lightly Padded ring sling in her purse because she loves the soft padding, and she thinks Isle of Skye is the best colorway out there!

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