The best (and worst) states to have a baby in 2019

Analysts from WalletHub set out to figure out which states were the best and worst states for having a baby by analyzing 26 different factors on a 100 point scale. The diverse range of considerations included factors related to the availability and price of childcare, healthcare quality and cost, overall family friendliness, and more. Based on Wallethub’s analysis, Vermont was the best state in which to have a baby, followed by Massachusetts, and then North Dakota. Oklahoma fares the worst, followed by Louisiana and Alabama.

Key Takeaways:

  • The invariable expense associated with receiving a new bundle of joy into the family can vary widely from state to state.
  • To get a bead on the varying baby-having cost across the U.S., researchers focused on infant and delivery care costs, as well as day care centers per capita.
  • Using these specific guidelines, WalletHub declared the winner of the title of best state in which to have a new baby, at least cost-wise, was Vermont.

“While the list is focused on the best places to have a baby, experts who have weighed in on the annual findings said there are much longer-term implications.”

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