No wires, more cuddles: Sensors are first to monitor babies in the NICU without wires

Not only can wires be dangerous when they are surrounding the small bodies of infants in the NICU, but they also come in the way of skin-to-skin contact which is a vital part in parental bonding after the child is born. Recent tests have shown that wireless sensors are just as effective at monitoring vitals and other necessary functions of infants who are being monitored in the NICU, and their parents are able to cuddle them even closer as an added benefit.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new chest sensor for monitoring vitals in babies is so light and tiny it weighs about the same as a raindrop.
  • The new, flexible and wireless sensor was developed by an interdisciplinary team at Northwestern University.
  • The new sensor requires no batteries and collects all the data collected by the wire-based systems and more.

“The researchers concluded that the wireless sensors provided data as precise and accurate as that from traditional monitoring systems. The wireless patches also are gentler on a newborn’s fragile skin and allow for more skin-to-skin contact with the parent.”

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