Keeping The Toy Box Manageable

Holidays, birthdays, hand-me-downs, “just-because” gifts—it’s so much fun to give to children, but it can pile up quickly! We know that parents get overwhelmed by clutter, but when there are too many toys on the shelf, it can be harder for children to play too.

How We Montessori suggests a very simplified approach to the toy box. Instead of using toy boxes or shelves as storage for all your toys, try placing a few items on an otherwise empty shelf and storing the rest of the toys away elsewhere. This allows your child to fully experience the toys at hand without feeling rushed to play with everything at once—and it’s less overwhelming to take care of  themselves, giving a real boost of self-confidence and control over their environment.

Key Takeaways:

—Don’t feel pressured to take away favorite toys for the sake of rotation. If your child is enjoying it, let them!

—Think one step ahead—if your child has mastered sturdy flap books, for example, try ones with smaller flaps for finer muscle control.

—Having a smaller toy shelf can help you to be more aware of what skills your child has mastered and which they may need guidance with.

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