It’s Time For Public Schools to Open Their Playgrounds to the Public

Even though schools are the beating heart of a community, they often are very reticent about letting local citizens use their facilities, especially playgrounds. Schools should start letting the community have more use of their playgrounds, yards and fields. If these school-owned spaces were upgraded into green spaces for community use, 20 million additional people would have easy access to a nearby public park in easy walking distance. School districts often sell access to yards and playgrounds to sports groups, and prohibit their use by people who live nearby but don’t attend that particular school. This means missing out on a chance to benefit the community and build goodwill.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although in many ways key to the community, public schools are often too withdrawn from interaction outside of school itself.
  • Public schools often focus on renting out their spaces for money, but by doing so they miss out on opportunities at larger community involvement.
  • By opening up their playgrounds and spaces to the community, public schools can build more interest and support from the local neighborhood.

“To open the gates and make the school the true center of the community, action needs to be taken.”

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