I Parented Like Daniel Tiger’s Parents For A Month & It Was Tigertastic

You may be familiar with the show “Daniel Tiger,” and with the titular feline’s almost supernaturally-patient parents. Mom Tiger is notable for using songs to help teach lessons and help children to understand their feelings. Yasmine Singh decided to try this approach with her daughter’s potty training, singing the relevant song from “Daniel Tiger” with her daughter over and over again. Despite some promising early results, this wasn’t particularly successful. However, the songs did help her daughter learn to relate to and empathize with her mother’s feelings more.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mom was so inspired by the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood animated show, she decided to implement some techniques that Daniel, the main character, and his family use to communicate with each other.
  • The parenting experiment was hit-or-miss, but the parents learned valuable lessons about validating their child’s feelings.
  • The parenting experiment helped the Mom and Dad speak more openly about feelings with their child.

“Would the techniques on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood even work in the real world?”

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