How to Use Elimination Communication to Potty Train a Child Early

Elimination Communication is a potty-training method that requires the parent to pay close attention to their child, to determine what their bodily cues are for the need to pee or poop. When the parent understands the cues, the parent can work with the child to learn to pee or poop over the toilet much sooner, as they both know how to anticipate the cues. This method is very common in Asian countries such as Vietnam and China. In Asian countries, babies develop a much different kind of intimacy with their children, because babywearing is common, and there is much more undivided attention in the time spent together with the child. Once the parent can identify the cue, they can develop a trigger for the child that teaches the child how to identify their own cues, and when the child hears the trigger, they will void over the toilet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elimination Communication is a potty-training method that can make the potty-training process easier, and possibly even quicker.
  • EC requires close attention to the child’s bodily cues, so both parent and child will be able to eventually anticipate the need to make a bowel movement.
  • EC can deepen the bond between parent and child, and expand a child’s ability to have body awareness.

“The best way to minimize failure (or disappointment) with elimination communication is to realize this process is not really about the end game.”

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