How Does Clomid Work? A Fertility Expert Explains

The author transitions from her own issues with fertility to the drug Clomid, which regulates ovulation and makes it easier to plan the best times to have intercourse for conception. It has other purposes however, including use to help those with polycystic ovaries and those who are not ovulating. Before starting Clomid, a woman must go through a series of tests as there are side effects. First, a doctor checks and makes sure the patient has a healthy, functioning uterus. Then, they monitor the ovaries and make sure Clomid is working correctly and efficiently so the patient has the best chance of conception.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clomid is an oral medication indicated to assist in regulating the body’s ovulation process.
  • Clomid is a good fit for those who are regulating their ovulation process, and also as a fertility treatment.
  • Once the person is ovulating more regularly, they can more confidently attempt to conceive on days the womb is more fertile.

“Clomid is considered the ‘gold standard’ oral medication used as the first line treatment to help women with infrequent or absent ovulation.””

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