Giving Medicine To Young Children? Getting The Dose Right Is Tricky

Children need medicine when they’re sick, just as adults do. But, as it’s up to parents to give it, the dosing is on their shoulders. And that’s where things get tricky. Data shows that a large percentage of parents are operating under the misguided notion that over-the-counter meds are relatively benign, so imprecise dosing is not really a big deal. But, it is. Side effects can happen with overdoses. Worse, they can mimic the original disease, for example creating extra lethargy, which can make assessing difficult. So, precision in dosing is essential, which means no kitchen spoons, as they are notoriously irregular. The cup that is usually included with the medicine is better, by also apt to be problematic. Often, there is a side for centimetres and and a side for milliliters. Reading accurately can be challenging. And cup lines can be difficult to see. The best choice when possible is a syringe. Regardless of method used, it’s imperative to follow medication instructions to the letter. If the box includes guidelines for age and weight, pick weight, as it us more precise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many parents might reach for their medication when in the middle of the night their infants wake up crying and sniffling from cold or sore throat.
  • Many parents have expressed the sentiment that giving medication to children and getting the dosage right can be a tricky experience.
  • When it comes to measuring the dosage for their children’s medication, research has shown that many parents are not as vigilant as they need to be.

“The Ridalls take their children to the General Pediatric Clinic at Penn State Children’s Hospital, where Dr. Ian Paul is chief of the division of academic general pediatrics. Paul says things can get even more complicated with certain medications because sometimes the markings on the dosing device don’t match the instructions on the label.”

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