Experts Say, Kids Who Spend Time Outdoors Become Happier Adults

A recent study following over one million participants overs three decades observed behavioral and emotional differences between those kids who had access to nature and those who did not. Nature included wild forests, but also city parks. Exploration is key to driving a child’s interest in nature. Activities like sports or hobbies like gardening that directly engage the surroundings foster love of the outdoors. It can help to have a picture or tend a garden with children to build love of nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Study shows that kids who had time outdoors became less anxious as adults.
  • Even kids with access to parks in a city were shown to be happier than ones that had tiny space to explore.
  • Kids don’t have to have activities to explore outside. They can go on their own adventure with a little supervision.

“When they spend time outdoors and in nature, it helps reset their mood. Plus, spending time in nature can also lead to happiness as adults.”

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