Does Rosemary Prevent Lice? Here’s What Actually Works, According To Experts

Those seeking natural lice repellants can look to rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemongrass for a solution. Research suggests that these plant oils, as well as essential oils such as citronella, are effective treatments. Doctors caution, however, that some natural remedies can be toxic if not used properly. Lice infestations can further be prevented by avoiding head-to-head contact and not sharing brushes or combs. Regularly checking your child’s hair for lice is also good practice. Nonetheless, it may be impossible to completely prevent children from the risk of lice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Researchers have questioned whether plant oils – like rosemary and lemongrass – are instrumental in preventing lice.
  • Rosemary oil cleanses your scalp and can help prevent recurrences of lice.
  • Other oils – like lavender and peppermint – can be combed through the hair at bathtime, though you must do research because not all oils are kid-friendly.

“Lice is every parent’s worst nightmare, but luckily there are some ways you can prevent those pesky bugs from invading your child’s precious locks.”

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