Can I Sleep While Wearing My Baby? A Pediatrician Explains

It can be frustrating for parents when their baby will not sleep soundly. Some mothers find that their babies sleep best in a Moby wrap and if they are holding them. But it can be dangerous if the person holding the baby falls asleep and fails to support the baby’s head and it falls, constricting the baby’s breathing and suffocating it. The most effective and safest option is to utilize a co-sleeper that attaches to your bed so you can sleep by them without worry of their safety.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sleep deprivation is one of the bad parts of being a new mom.
  • Sleep deprivation can make you do some crazy things in your waking life.
  • It is not safe to wear your baby when you go to sleep at night.

“The problem with sleeping with your baby while wearing [them] is that their head can drop and constrict their breathing.”

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Becky Patouhas, social media specialist, has been a babywearing educator since 2013. Her favorite part of her job is a tie between seeing all the cute baby pictures and helping parents get that “I can’t believe I can hold my baby AND eat!” moment. A first-generation American and mom of two small boys, she and her family live in Michigan, where she enjoys volunteering with her local babywearing group. Becky loves her Zypora meh dais (she has two!) because they’re so cushy on her shoulders. She always has a Lightly Padded ring sling in her purse because she loves the soft padding, and she thinks Isle of Skye is the best colorway out there!

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