Breech Twin Birth A Success For Team Birth Project

The South Shore Hospital in Weymouth is getting attention around the country this year for its cooperative, patient-informed approach to childbirth. The hospital’s “Team Birth Project” is focusing on reducing the number of Cesarean births, even in situations in which many American hospitals would not offer a trial of labor.

WBUR reports on one such birth, where one mother would have been seen as a poor candidate in other hospitals. She’s of “advanced maternal age,” has had a C-section previously, and is pregnant with twins—one of which is transverse! South Shore reports a 4% drop in C-sections so far, but project contributors are cautious about waiting to see if this can be maintained and replicated.

Key Takeaways:
—Team Birth Project is attempting to lower the USA’s Cesarean rate by changing the culture around hospital childbirth, among other things.
—One key tool is a Labor and Delivery Planning board, used to keep all health care providers—as well as the family—on the same page.
—Making sure that the decision to perform a C-section is based on medical evaluation instead of hospital culture could improve vaginal birthrates.


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