Ban On Heavy School Backpacks Weighs On An Indian Mom — And Her Portable Scale

Last November, India passed a law limiting the weight of backpacks for schoolchildren. The inspiration for this law was research indicating that heavy backpacks can be physically harmful. Activist Swati Patil has discovered, however, that the rules are “just on paper” and not being enforced. One issue is that e-book learning, which would replace some textbooks with tablets, has yet to catch on in India. In the meantime, some schools have found creative solutions, such as cutting up textbooks or implementing a pickup and drop-off service for backpacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • New weight restrictions have been placed on backpacks that take into account the child’s personal weight and age
  • Some students are not in compliance and can be weighed on the way home via activist efforts
  • Some of the concerns with heavy backpacks stem from poor adult posture and skeletal alignment

“The government said there would be no homework for students in grades one and two. The reason: heavy school bags.”

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