Babies Aren’t Just Babbling, They’re Teaching Parents How To Talk To Them, New Study Finds

Congratulations on your new baby model, it will remain on difficult mode for the next few years if you skip over attempting to interpret your baby’s initial communication skills. In her new blog post, Morgan Brinlee summarizes a new study that focuses on these verbal skills and what it meant for their parents. It explores the tone used, the length of sentences brought into the conversation and reminds us that despite being unable to function like adults, babies are still capable of exerting their own brand of influence to meet their needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cornell University scientists recently conducted a study in which they recorded babies’ and parents’ vocalizations while interacting.
  • Parents responded to babies’ babbling by making their own speech simpler in terms of grammar and word choice.
  • The researchers think the babbling shapes interactions in favor of simpler forms of information, so as to provide more learning opportunities for the baby.

“Researchers at Cornell University think babies aren’t just babbling, but are influencing their parents’ language as a means of shaping their own learning environments.”

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