7 Signs You Don’t Have Low Milk Supply, Because It Can Be Hard To Tell At First

Many nursing women worry needlessly that their milk supply is too low when in most cases it is probably just fine. There are indeed some medical conditions that can cause insufficient milk supply, most of them are fairly rare, and there are plenty of clear signs you can look for to verify that your milk supply is not too low. If you can feed your baby on demand (usually between eight and twelve times daily) and the baby seems satisfied and happy, your milk supply is probably sufficient. Likewise, your baby gaining weight on schedule is another reliable sign that all is well.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is not unusual for nursing mothers to be concerned about how much milk they produce, but most do produce enough.
  • Nursing regularly and meeting the feeding demands of the baby are two key ways to know your milk supply is appropriate.
  • When a baby is able to get on easily, is full after feeding, and excretes the appropriate amount into his or her diaper, you can be assured that you are producing enough milk.

“Babies who nurse with a great latch also tend to have a fine supply of milk, according to Spradlin.”

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