6 proven ways to raise kind kids

Kindness is one of the traits mothers most want to cultivate in their children. There are number of things you can start doing now to help your kids develop empathy. It’s important to make a point of checking on your children several times a day while practicing active listening to make sure they know you’re really listening to their feelings, thoughts and problems. It’s also important to validate their feelings, and to provide a role model of kindness in your own behavior.

Key Takeaways:

  • Active listening to your child can help them come up with a solution to their problem by themselves
  • Teach your child kindness by showing kindness yourself and identifying it in others
  • Show your child that differences in people are not bad with a wide range of books

“Perhaps one of the most important lessons we can teach our children is the art of having empathy.”

Read more: https://www.mother.ly/child/ways-to-raise-kind-kids

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