5 Ways Motherhood Forced Me To Confront My Social Anxiety & Get The Help I Deserve

How Will I Cope With Kids and a Neurological Disorder?

The decision to have children can be a difficult one—especially if you’re dealing with neurological issues. As 20-something with Attention Deficit Disorder, I certainly wondered, “How will I cope? How will my children are affected by this? I’m just scared that I’ll mess this up.”

Candace Granger of Romper walks through the ways that becoming a mother influenced her clinical anxiety—for the better! The biggest areas of change, for her, were

  • having to interact with people outside of the family on a daily basis,
  • maintain a schedule,
  • make those dreaded phone calls, and
  • prioritize mental health.

Because she was forced to deal with difficult situations, she says, she had to become competent in those areas, whether through acclimation or assistance from medical professionals.

Now, almost 7 years into this parenthood thing, I’m open with my boys about Mommy’s strengths and failings. Sometimes I do forget to stick a snack in their backpacks, and my house may be untidy a fair amount of the time—but I hope that by maintaining this openness, they will learn compassion for people who are different from the norm, along with seeing that even mommies and daddies need to take care of themselves in order to be able to support the rest of their family.

Key takeaways:

  • It’s normal to be nervous about how any sort of condition will affect parenthood.
  • Not every affect needs to be negative!
  • Having children can be an impetus to take care of ourselves.

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