15 Questions To Ask A Pediatrician When Interviewing Them

As a parent, identifying the best doctor for your child and building a relationship with said doctor is a task that can sometimes feel highly intimidating or even impossible. One way to get started in finding the best doctor for your child is to interview doctors, asking them questions about topics such as insurance, finances, available hours, and treatment options. Parents should also evaluate the feel of the office and the atmosphere of the place.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a good idea to interview several pediatricians before choosing one for your child.
  • The first question to ask a potential pediatrician is if they accept your health insurance.
  • Find out from the pediatrician if they are affiliated with any major hospitals, in the event your child needs to be admitted.

“As a new parent, it’s typical to feel completely overwhelmed about the “hows” of parenthood.”

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