11 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Baby Name

Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. You are gifting your child with a lifelong name that reflects your personal style and contains sentimental value. A good first step is to ask yourself if uniqueness is important to you. If it is, try to search the name database found on the Social Security Administration’s website. This will allow you to see how popular certain names are, validating the uniqueness or popularity of each name.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baby names, like most things, are a stylistic choice, and as such parents need to decide are they interested in a classic choice, something trendy, or something more distinctively unusual.
  • Making a baby name choice can be made easier by checking the Social Security Administration site, which will point at how popular a name choice is.
  • Eve though the trend is towards highly unique names, it’s smart to remember that there is a reason some words are underutilized as names.

““A name is one of the first gifts parents give a child, so I recommend they select it the way one would select any gift ― for the enjoyment and good use of the recipient,” said Sherri Suzanne, a baby name consultant and the founder of My Name for Life.”

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