10 Positive Parenting Techniques For Toddlers, According To An Expert

When parenting a toddler, you should focus on positive techniques instead of traditional punishments. Toddlers need to know that you empathize with them, and they are loved and supported regardless of the situation. In the middle of a tantrum, this can be difficult, but there are many strategies you can employ. Slow your speech and lower your volume. Set realistic objectives and expectations. Watch body language and try to divert meltdowns. Give attention. When addressing your toddler, get down to their level. Be a role model and enforce limits. Ultimately, temper tantrums are part of a development. Embrace it and show you care and still love them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Positive parenting techniques revolve around discipline that is driven by empathy rather than punitive discipline.
  • The simple trick of slowing down your speech can make it much easier for your toddler to understand it and pay attention to it.
  • Giving your child your full attention in a more positive context can alleviate any desire on their part to act out in order to get attention.

“When you have a toddler, there are days that are so utterly exasperating that you don’t even know if you’ll survive until sunset.”

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